Why Don't you follow this simple way of developing a Mobile App that sells?

The secret of creating a well developed app is versatility and making it simple by minimising the digital divide created by the levels of Technology.

YES I know that may sound to simple and easy to…

A concept of a driverless Mercedes

In march of 2018 when life was somewhat different to recent times amid the virus and such it was a breakthrough of driverless cars describing when they will be introduced which was 2020 . YES 2020 was the year driverless cars were supposed to go mainstream!

But what really happened?

Arduino is a key tool in this day and age for learning and operating new objects in programming for example programming lights colours time etc.

For those who are not familiar with Arduino, a small microcontroller open source hardware which a software that manufactures single board kits usually having 14…


I am a young adult 16 years old trying to inspire others and help out people on this app. I appreciate everything i get from this app even if it isnt much.

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